Hardware Repair

Hardware Repair


Your laptop has a hard disk drive inside it, It has moving parts inside the hard drive so it is rather delicate.
When your laptop is turned on you should be very careful when you move it.
Jarring or bumping your laptop may be causing damage to your hard drive!

Just be very careful if you need to move the laptop while it is running.

Some newer laptops have solid state hard drives that are more durable because they do not have any moving parts.

Excess Heat
Another way to damage your laptop is to over heat it.
Laptop need to ventilate and cool off just like a desktop computer. If you look at the bottome and on the sides of your laptop you should see many vents there is usually a small fan and heat sink inside the laptop that cools the main processor chip similar to a desktop

The air also needs to exit the laptop, usually through little tiny thin copper fins. These fins can get clogged with dust and this will make the laptop run hot.

If you put your laptop on your bed, or couch or pillow then you are probably blocking the airflow that is needed to keep the inside of the laptop cool.I have seen laptops that actually melted internal components from too much heat.Use compressed air to clean fins. (below)

Damaging the laptop power socket

Another problem I see with laptops is the power socket is damaged from the power cord being yanked on or banged into while plugged into the laptop.
The power jack can be damaged where it connects to the circuit board or it may get pushed into the laptop.

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