Benefits of a Battery Replacement


You’ve probably noticed that your phone battery begins to drain more quickly as your phone ages. When you first purchase the phone, you hardly ever have to hook it up to its charger. But the more you use it and the older it gets, the shorter its battery lifespan becomes. As soon as this happens, […]

What to Check When Buying a Used Laptop


While purchasing a pre-owned laptop, you must know what to check when buying a used laptop. It’s the computer age and nowadays lifetime is considered by computer usage and development which effects on all aspects of our life. The laptop is very common in use by everybody. Everybody cannot afford the brand new expensive laptops […]

Laptop Heating Problem Services


Laptop Heating Problem Services Smartfix is a major solution for all your Laptop Heating Problem and provides Laptop Heating Problem services at your doorstep.Laptops have become one of the unavoidable parts of one’s work. We have great dependencies on this electronic gadget that nothing can be done without the help of a laptop including all your […]

Things To Remember When Attempting Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair Services in Nairobi

Mac laptops are an attractive option for people looking for stylish designs with attractive features. This Apple-manufactured laptop runs on the Macintosh operating system. Several users are turning to this brand of laptops to buy. They also suffer from functionality bugs. Some handling errors or operation problems lead to MacBook Pro laptop problems. Therefore, you should approach […]

Why Is Your Computer Running Slower Than Normal?


If you have a computer, you know how to fix it. Your computer will inevitably end up running slowly or not at all, especially if you’re new to technology, which most of us are, for example. One of the main reasons; Why Is Your Computer Running Slower Than Normal? customers bring their computers is because […]

How To Identify Computer Problems?


It is a burning question. How To Identify Computer Problems? If you find the problem of the computer You have no idea what to do next. You have only two options Fix the problem yourself Call technical support or a computer repair technician All computer problems fall into two general categories: Software problems Hardware problems some computer […]