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ASUS Adapter, 19v1.75a, 4.0*1.35, 33W


Input: 100-240V ~ 4.4 A- 50/60Hz

Output: 19V 1.75A

Connecter size: 4.0mm*1.35mm

Compatible Part Numbers:

AD890362ADP-33AW A

Fits the Following Models:

Asus S200EAsus X201EAsus X202EAsus 21-DH71Asus F201EAsus F201E-KX052HAsus F201E-KX063HAsus F201E-KX064HAsus F201E-KX065DUAsus F201E-KX065HAsus F201E-KX066DUAsus F201E-KX066HAsus F201E-KX067DUAsus F201E-KX067HAsus F201E-KX068DUAsus F201E-KX068HAsus Q200EAsus Q200E-BHI3T45Asus TAICHI 11.6-INCH TOUCHAsus TAICHI 21-DH51Asus VIVOBOOK X201EAsus X201E-DH01Asus X201E-KX003HAsus X201E-KX006HAsus X201E-KX009HAsus X201E-KX022HAsus X201E-KX040HAsus X201E-KX042HAsus X201E-KX096HAsus X201E-KX097HAsus X201E-KX098HAsus X201E-KX099HAsus X202E-CT001HAsus X202E-CT006HAsus X202E-CT009HAsus X202E-CT025HAsus X202E-CT3217Asus X202E-CT987Asus X202E-CT987GAsus X202E-DH31T


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